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Case Study - Sulzer Chemtech in Switzerland

Hans Keist, Director of Mixing and Reaction Technology for Sulzer Chemtech Ltd, used VISA with a team of managers to evaluate the benefits of multiple options for equipment fabrication.

The Challenge
The team needed to collectively evaluate several mutually exclusive options for fabrication of equipment. They needed to consider many alternatives including internal and external locations, sites in Europe and Asia, insourcing and outsourcing.

The criterion for each alternative was manifold and included; protection of I.P., cost of goods sold, time for transportation, control on operations (e.g. ability to ensure instant supply to customer), ability to develop markets, and more.

"The most powerful element of VISA is the ability to incorporate multiple, monetary and non-monetary aspects from an array of stakeholders"

The Process
A team was established with people from operations, sales, procurement, and technology divisions plus members of the senior management of the Mixing and Reaction Technology division, and totaled eight individuals.

Having used VISA during his MBA at Strathclyde University, Hans was able to utilize VISA in the same way he had during his assignments. The one main difference for him was the recently added 'Decision Wizard', which makes it easy for people who have never seen VISA before to get started making decisions straight away.

"VISA allows us to visualize the evaluated options, enables an understanding of the respective trade-offs, and offers the possibility of "testing the waters" by quickly performing a sensitivity analysis."

The Outcome
Sulzer met their goal by collectively gaining what Hans calls "a concise understanding of our own manufacturing facility". What the team created turned out to be an integral element in their business model. The process was very valuable as it fostered a more comprehensive grasp and more commitment of our organization to carry the decision forward.

Team members who had never worked with VISA before were very impressed by the insight gained during the course of evaluation, and the possibility for visualization VISA offers.

"VISA is powerful tool for indepth securitization of options and informed decision making. I certainly will use VISA for future projects."

The Benefits of VISA
VISA helped the team to:

  1. Gain a concise understanding of their processes
  2. Integrate their knowledge into a business model
  3. Create comprehensive understanding internally
  4. Collectively move the decision forward

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