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VISA Decisions - About Us
VISA decision making software is a product developed and sold by SIMUL8 Corporation Ltd.

SIMUL8 Corporation Ltd develops, markets and supports a range of business process improvement products and solutions. Our products include SIMUL8 business simulation software and VISA decision support software.

Our comprehensive and complementary suite of products enhance the way people make and communicate decisions. Our customers include a wide range of business, government and educational bodies across the globe.

Founded in 1994, our key strength lies in the specialist knowledge and extensive experience of our people. With up to 20 years in the industry, each of our consultants has an Operational Research qualification to degree or Masters standard, as well as a wealth of experience putting the theory into practice. A commitment to innovation and ongoing refinement of our software has been central to our success. We constantly strive to provide features and products that will help make our customers' lives easier - improving decision making effectiveness, organizational efficiency and communication.

VISA Decisions - A History
VISA was developed to fulfill the need for large organizations to have a rational way to compare alternatives when you can't break everything down to one simple "profit" figure - for example when choosing development projects where the achievement will include long term objectives as well as revenue.

VISA offered a solution to the mathematical errors that occur if you simply rank the alternatives on different criteria and then try to weight the criteria.

VISA version 1 and 2 (DOS) and proved the technology and established a loyal user base, especially in military and large companies in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

VISA for Windows (v.3 to v.6) was released in 1994 and it is these versions that created widespread use of the product. VISA's user friendly, intuitive interface now allowed users to drag objects to set scores and weights, showing the dynamic impact on the decision.

VISA version 7 (2008) allows users to access the software both securely online, and on a PC (without an internet connection). The web technology means that very large scale decision participation becomes possible for anyone with no downloads or installs required.