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What is VISA?
VISA is a decision making software tool developed to facilitate decision modeling and analysis in a way that is both visual and interactive. Find out more

What type of businesses can benefit from using VISA?
Any individual or organization can benefit from using VISA to help them structure and make decisions.

What is the advantage of using VISA over other decision support tools?
VISA was the first decision support tool to facilitate decision modeling and analysis in a way that is both visual and interactive. As an organization, we pride ourselves in continually developing and improving our software to ensure the very best service for our customers.

What is multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA)?
It is a field of study that applies scientific method and analysis to help groups of (or a single) decision makers when deciding between a number of options.

How much does VISA cost?
VISA starts from only $495 for VISA Standard which includes a web-based and desktop version. Prices for VISA Professional and VISA Multi-User can be obtained by contacting our sales department on US 800 547 6024 / Europe +44 870 850 8886 or email sales@visadecisions.com.

Do you need technical skills to use VISA?
No. VISA has been developed to be intuitive and easy-to-use. Feedback from users shows that the ease-of-use of the software, coupled with our comprehensive support services, means users are able to get up to speed with the software quickly and easily. Find out more about our training and consulting services here.

What kind of support do you offer?
VISA support comes in many forms; from Help Files and downloadable Tutorials in the software, online Helpdesk and User Forum to Training and Facilitation services - click here for a list of all support options.

Does the software support Analytic Hierarchy?
Yes V•I•S•A does Analytic Hierarchy it is a full service Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis software tool..

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What is VISA?
VISA software is for decisions with multiple, tough to balance, factors; for decisions where no option matches all of the criteria perfectly; or for decisions where more than one person has a say in how the decision is made. Learn More...
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