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VISA Standard Product Overview
VISA Standard includes:
- A stand-alone desktop application designed for individual or group decision-making
- A secure web-based application that can be accessed via the Internet.
$495 per license


  • Intuitive, easy-to-use graphical interface
  • Clear, simple alternatives summary
  • Interactive chart updates
  • Clear, visual reporting
  • Sensitivity analysis functionality
  • Customizable 'skins'
  • Project management interface
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  • Construct decision models quickly, saving time and money
  • See alternatives at-a-glance and quickly assign scores
  • Receive instant, visual feedback on score and weight changes
  • View results and scores as graphs, diagrams or charts.
  • Test 'what-if' scenarios and see the impact of changes on the decision outcome
  • Tailor the model appearance to different audiences, speed up
  • Create, manage and run multiple projects at any one time - make better decisions throughout your whole organization.
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What is VISA?
VISA software is for decisions with multiple, tough to balance, factors; for decisions where no option matches all of the criteria perfectly; or for decisions where more than one person has a say in how the decision is made. Learn More...
Upgrade VISA
In the new VISA Version 7 you can choose to run the software:
- On your computer
- Online with No download and No installation
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VISA Products
Find out which VISA is right for you.
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