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VISA is feature-rich - originally created in 1986, the software has been under constant development ever since.

Standard Edition Features

  • Value Tree
    • Construct a clearly structured tree to show all the influencing criteria to the main decision.
    • Easy to add and delete criteria and manage tree shape.
  • Alternatives
    • Create any number of decision Alternatives.
    • Customize the words used for key items (e.g. perhaps "Alternatives" is not the best phrase and you prefer to call them "Our next office").
  • Weights
    • Set or change scores and weights numerically or by dragging bars on charts to easily set the value of each alterative on each criteria.
    • Use different weighting methodologies. Weight by families of criteria, or across the entire base of the value tree. Force all weights to add to 100%, or allow free weighting (with appropriate adjustment as weights combine up the tree).
  • Interactive Display
    • Display a huge variety of charts to analyze and visualize the data and relationships in different ways.
    • Print any of the displays.
    • Visual Interactive features allows criteria to be instantly added, connected, disconnect and re-arranged as discussions take place.
  • Familiar Interface
    • Work in a familiar web browser environment either live on the web, your organization intranet, or locally on a stand-alone PC or laptop.
    • Save projects as web based or local (hard disk) files.
  • 100% compatible with previous versions of VISA and between the edition levels of this version (Standard, Professional, Multi-User and the sub-editions on the web and desktop).

Education Edition Features

In addition to the Standard Edition features, Education offers:
  • Windows stand-alone campus license.
  • Free support for the tutor.
  • Free Upgrades.

Multi-user Edition Features

Multi-user VISA is configurable for each individual organization, contact us to find out more.