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VISA Decision Consultants

VISA's intuitive interface can be used 'out-of-the-box', but our decades of experience have shown us that sometimes there is the need for an external facilitator to act as an unbiased party and direct the decision process. Our highly experienced facilitators have experience working with public, private and governmental organizations to help them come to decisions in a considered, methodological manner. Consulting sessions range from one-off events, to long-term change management programs.
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Tendering and Procurement Processes

Procurement regulations require methodologically sound methods of weighting factors and determining the outcome of tendering and procurement processes. Our consultants have advised legislators and regulators, companies creating processes and systems, and companies who have previously suffered loss due to faulty decision processes.
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Computing Infrastructure

For large scale decision participation, our team can advise on configuration, set up or provide the necessary servers and computer infrastructure required for this short term use.
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Technology Embedding and Custom Integration

VISA's technology has been embedded into other software products, for instance shopping and comparison websites. It has also been reformatted to integrate with other products, including desktop software tools.If you have an application that could benefit from all or part of VISA's technology, our development team can make this happen.
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VISA training is available at various levels. Our most popular course is designed for the New User:

- New User Orientation
While VISA is easy-to-use, this brief two-hour overview by web-conference is a low-cost way of getting up and running as quickly as possible. It covers the basic features of VISA, and goes through how to set up and evaluate a decision example.
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