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What is MCDA?
Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) is the term used to describe a number of formal approaches that take account of multiple criteria in helping individuals or groups of people make important decisions. In other words, it is a field of study that applies scientific method and analysis to help groups of (or a single) decision makers when deciding between a number of options.

Why Should I Use MCDA?
MCDA provides a decision that has been thoroughly analysed and concluded using clear logic. This delivers confidence among stakeholders to gain acceptance within the decision group and throughout the organization.

Studies have shown that when making decisions, on average, people can only hold 7(2) criteria when comparing different options. For complex decisions MCDA is important to ensure that influencing factors are not 'forgotten' or missed, which could result in wrong decisions made.

When multiple decision makers are involved, group dynamics can sometimes play a bigger part in a decision than the facts. MCDA scoring gives an equal voice to all group decision-makers.

Who uses MCDA?
Commercial Use - MCDA can be used by any organization that is making a decision between a number of options. It has wide applicability across all sectors and at all levels of decision-making. Some examples where MCDA has been used include new product development, tender evaluation and personnel / equipment selection.

Educational Use - In the academic field, MCDA has advanced greatly with researchers and academics from leading universities around the world. The principles and techniques of MCDA are taught across the world.

Why use VISA?
Versatility - VISA can be used to bring a group of decision makers for a facilitated session or by a single user looking to gather opinions on their decision.

Multi-usability - No limit on the number of views that can be gathered when making a decision

Web-based - Easily accessible, physical location is no longer a factor in gathering opinion for decision making

How to Make Decisions
Help and documentation are always available through our support channels and online forums, but here is a short summary of how to use VISA Decision Making Software.
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