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SIMUL8 is the industry standard for simulation software and has all you need to quickly create and run any simulation. SIMUL8 can help take the risk out of decision making by allowing you to simulate business processes across any industry. By providing multiple performance measures, SIMUL8 allows you to conduct 'what if' scenarios to help you understand the impact of changes on your performance measures.

By linking SIMUL8 to V.I.S.A, you can assess the impact of weighting the importance of each of these performance measures, and assess which scenario best meets your goals.

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What is VISA?
VISA software is for decisions with multiple, tough to balance, factors; for decisions where no option matches all of the criteria perfectly; or for decisions where more than one person has a say in how the decision is made. Learn More...
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In the new VISA Version 7 you can choose to run the software:
- On your computer
- Online with No download and No installation
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